To help us give you accurate and practical advice, we make use of traditional Taoist tools of Bazi, Yi Jing, Feng Shui and Qi Men Dun Jia. These methods have stood the test of time, having been used successfully by advisors to government, big business and individuals for thousands of years.

Yi Jing - The Science of Changes

The Yi Jing (sometimes written ‘I Ching’) – also known as the Classic of Changes; the Book of Changes; or Zhouyi – is one of the oldest of the Chinese classic texts.

This classic can also be translated as the Book of Simplicity.

It contains a divination system comparable to Western geomancy; and it is still widely used for divination in both modern East Asia and Western cultures today.

This is the book that explains the changes of the world. 

In Taoist society the Yi Jing had two different purposes. The first one was as a compendium of ancient cosmic principles. The second purpose was for divination based on the text. As a divination tool, the it was a text that was commonly used by fortunetellers and roadside oracles at markets and fairs.

However, the educated Taoists actually used the Yi Jing as a work for divination quite rarely. There are few references to the Yi Jing as a divination text in the works of the countless literati of ancient China. This situation is clarified by a great number of observers of traditional Chinese society.

It is the foundation of all Taoist traditional methaphysics. Today we can use its wisdom for many of the choices and options that life throws at us. This Book of Simplicity can help on so many levels and gives you the big picture so you can take a step back and look at the situation more clearly.

Bazi - Human Psychology

Bazi means ‘8 Characters’, and it is a way of creating a chart of your major characteristics. Allowing us to calculate your personal Bazi chart will help you find your life potential and understanding your innate tendencies – just like reading a map of your life’s journey.

You will find out who you are, reasons why you behave the way you do (and what can be done about these behaviours), and the best use of your talents. Knowing deeply your strengths, weaknesses and personality traits, you can evolve towards your real ideal self. This will make you understand any potential or hidden opportunities, and find blockages that may stop your evolution.

Destiny is a matter of choices which lead to change, it is not 100% carved in stone. In other words, if you understand your internal mechanism and tendencies, you will open the possibility of changing anything you want about your destiny.

By discovering and understanding this, you will make informed, better quality decisions in  all aspects of your professional or private life, and will remain conscious of your options.

Make conscious, informed decisions and create changes in your life!

Feng Shui - Events

Feng Shui is the understanding and study of the environmental influence, the time and space in which events occur, which represents a third of our destiny. These Influences refer to the factors represented by our living, natural environment. The home in which we live plays a very important role in influencing our destiny. The actual possibility of controlled ‘luck’ can be vastly improved by the practice of Feng Shui.

In Feng Shui, we study and use the invisible forces that govern and affect us as a group. The principles known as Qi (natural energies) can be understood, these invisible forces are what hold the universe together and all things living including the planet that we live on.

Feng Shui (which literally means “wind” and “water”) is a Taoist metaphysics system used to study and benefit from the natural energies (Qi) of the living world around us. It has been used for the last 3000 years with success.

In Feng Shui, we will find and transform the areas where energy does not circulate in the environment, which we call ‘stagnant qi’, and aim to transform them to provide more a more vibrant and useful feeling of energy.

The nature of Qi is cyclical and can be calculated. At different times, different types of Qi will take its affects on the environment. Knowing the cycles of Qi, we can adapt and act accordingly, making informed decisions for the best possible outcome.

Qi Men Dun Jia - Timing

Qi Men Dun Jia is the most secret and hidden part of the Taoist metaphysics. It’s about finding the right place at the right time.

This amazing art of time and space consists in finding and interpreting all the information of the other Taoist metaphysics (Yi Jing, Bazi & Feng Shui) together. The purpose is to pinpoint the perfect moment to act, react or even decide to retreat.  

In the past, this art was even used for legendary battles and Imperial maneuvers!

Da Xuan Consulting uses Qi Men Dun Jia today to accompany you in decision making in your professional life and activities such as developing management ethics, political campaigns, marketing strategies, all around negotiation and even personal life tactics.

The incredible precision of this system will baffle you every time you follow its advice.

Once you see the results once, you will use it all the time!