Over the years, hundreds of people used our services, here are some of their comments about the whole process...

This was a revelation to me. I truly understood for the first time what it meant to take "your place in this world "and also the real meaning of the celestial mandate. This work opened my eyes in all aspects of my life. I realized how guilty I was feeling for having dreams, and big ones, so I therefore kept it locked up for a long time. This work made me realize how wrong I was and sent me signs that I welcomed in my life.
Paris, France
This is a life changing moment. What could be more useful than to know who you really are and reveal your hidden potential? You look at yourself from many different angles to experience and accept your true nature. For sure, at times what you see and feel is not what you are prepared to face, but the process and exercises enable you to confidently go deeply into yourself and shed light on what was avoided or misunderstood. I ended the work with a clear understanding of what I should do to stay close to me and not go against who I am. It still requires some adjustments but I know that if I follow the way I can’t lose myself anymore.
London, UK
This is really a strong lifelong and life changing approach. I really have started to witness my life. I have been given the possibilities to see myself close up in the mirror and my relationship with other people. It is a profound and hard personal training if you let go and let the process start working within you. And when you do – there is no going back. Looking back at my life and seeing my motivation for everything I have done was a hard personal exercise. But I saw that even the worst situations, with the worst decisions, were always the best I could do at that time. I have just started, and I am looking forward to the road ahead. It will not be easy, but if I do not start changing and try being the best I can, how can I claim that from my fellow man?
Oslo, Norway
The Process was a truly profound experience for me. It's very difficult to explain how much has deeply changed and at the same time nothing has to the observer from the outside., Through at first seemingly simple methods you deepen your connection. It was an amazing journey and I encourage everyone to do it as it has truly changed me and the qualities developed will continue to grow.
London, UK
This work has been one of the most wonderful things I have done. Exploration of bad habits, deeper understanding of my relationships to the people, places and things around me, and much more! Facing hard truths to reveal the hidden perfection, the best version of myself and dissolving the false personalities is certainly hard work, but most definitely worth it. I feel like a better version of myself, more true to my nature, and it keeps improving with practice!
Sydney, Australia
All the changes in just 10 weeks and the seed to so many other coming changes are incredible! Take the deep plunge into yourself and just enjoy what you will find out about yourself. A beginning to an end, what was before can not be sustained. Just do it!
Oslo, Norway
It was a huge changing process for me to actually realize and see that the perfect me was already there, my perfection was right in front of me. It was all about trusting the concept we were given and seeing it in the right way. The hard work was to finally let go of the past, the fiction I had of myself. I now have the rules to abide by, to follow, and to actually do what I am supposed to do. Slowly coming into the light of a new life.
Denmark, Copenhagen
An exceptional experience, since it leads us towards the Essence of who we really are. If in daily practice we may be tempted to cheat so that we don't face some disturbing truths, the process of this method is such that we must see the things to do work on our Shadows, but also the Perfection lying deep inside us, for this life and this incarnation...Waiting to manifest for real. Everything is here and ready, we just need to accept it.
Paris, France