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Character & Behaviour

Profiling & Personal Information

 Bazi, which means ‘8 Characters’, is a deep and complete tool which helps us better understand our own and others’ personalities, based on the date and time of birth of the individual.

As a tool, it can be used to help understand anybody’s behavior, character, hidden traits, unused talents and personality compatibilities. It is a clear and non-judgmental profiling and personal evaluation method used to improve effectiveness and productivity. Bazi is an incredible help in making better decisions by knowing what really motivates the individuals and how to act on this knowledge. This art can help you make clear and informed decisions, 


Good Timing

By knowing the cycles of time better, it can help detect any problems or opportunities that arise. We can compare this art to the ways to prepare for anything, knowing about the possibilities of change. We understand in farming practices it is best to plant certain foods at certain times of the year – after the frost, or in the spring time, or sometimes in the winter depending on the plant. 

Understanding timing and selection of good dates will allow us to apply principles like this to our lives. This will help us to understand all the possibilities and teach us how to prepare for each of them.

You will then multiply your chances of success and increase your willingness to act on any known opportunities in the year!


Business Advisory

We can deliver a business counsel to a large range of situations, from single strategic action to long and short term planning, in cooperation with the decision makers.

By learning about your business partners, important activities and major events, we can give you the good dates, the right people to deal with and best advice at any given time.


Personal Coaching

One to one coaching is the only way a successful blueprint can be tailored to an individual and it is the most powerful way for personal knowledge and development.

Success has different meanings to everyone. This can be done for a single month, a 6 month period, or all year round. This personal coaching will give you the best understanding of yourself, of the others, and the way to produce the best work you can – while still respecting your values and aspirations.

Art of Evolution

Evolution Strategy

The art of evolving traces its roots to the fundamental principles of the ancient time-tested system of Daoist Astrology.

These arts can be used in a modern and practical way, to give the best answer at the best time. The idea is to find what you do not know, about yourself and the people you do business with. This study evaluates all levels of your nature and characteristics as well as the people you interact with to find the best way to cooperate.

Ethics and Vision

Company Vision

How can we understand each other and work together better?

Whether it’s ethics, moral choices, or marketing strategy, we need to put the people in the center of the work place.

We use various metaphysical tools that help oversee just about every aspect of the business to ensure a more empathic and productive way to work together. These tools consider all of the people working on a given problem, so a solution can be found that benefits everyone.