Having a clear approach to making change can make a significant impact on the outcomes.

First Steps

Understanding the Context

The first thing to do is to find the best expression of potential in our life by gradually addressing the prejudices and habits which block us.

For this purpose, we establish an individualized practice where the counsel you receive from us plays the role of catalyst in the process of personal and professional development.

We use attentive and analytical listening to understand the specific issues of each individual, both in their career, personal issues and also in their environment.

This work is intended as a space of directed creativity and trust, where one can speak and reveal oneself without judgment.

A good understanding of the changes of the world and the personality of the individual allow us to make reliable choices in the desired direction. The formulas which we use to make calculations allow us to take account of each specific objective and constraint.

Within this approach, we guarantee confidentiality with rigorous ethics and respect for the individual.


Assessing Needs and Objectives

Through assessment of the needs and objectives of the individual and/or the group, we will establish a prioritization of the required changes that will allow us to evolve and achieve the desired outcome.

We will define a clear plan of action, gather the necessary resources then go to the essential phase of our approach: putting it into action.

The application of this method is well proven, but can only function from the moment the commitment is real.

We all need some good counsel, at one time or another.

Keys to Success

There are several aspects to fulfilling our life. Each of these aspects need a level of accomplishment for us to be happy. We need to work on these in parallel so we don’t create an imbalance, as we will often develop some at the expense of others.


  • The relationship we have with our self, self-esteem, and the image we have of ourselves: in other words, the judgments that we have about ourselves, depending on our deepest aspirations. We will work on the body, our weight, vitality and emotional state.
  • The way we relate to other people, in our personal or even intimate relationships between couples. Also in our professional lives where we have to maintain relationships with the people we work with.


  • Education, training and values: It is important to always strive to improve ourselves, and to understand the world better. This is also our spirituality, religion or philosophy – an important and subtle part which can easily be neglected in our materialistic world.


  • What we choose as our career or employment. How do we organize our work or our extracurricular activities? These are the aspects of our work in the world, what we want to leave for future generations, but also the gap which may exist between our actual work and that which we dream of doing


  • The relationship we have with money, goods, and the ability to generate and retain their value. This is also how to manage and contribute intelligently in the world with the money that we generate.


  • The aspirations we have, our ideals and all our unfulfilled dreams. This is our ideal image of ourselves, and also the aspirations which we have put aside in spite or obligation of the moment. 

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